Many great scenes from HBO’s Game of Thrones took place in Croatia. Most of them were shot in Dubrovnik city (King’s Landing) in South Dalmatia and other were taken on the Lokrum Island (the great trading city of Qarth on the southern coast of Essos) or in the Trsteno Arboretum (the coastal gardens of the Red Keep in King’s Landing). Also, some of very important Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia were in the cities of Split (Daenerys’ Throne Room and the streets of the great city-state of Meereen) and Kaštela (some parts of the free city of Braavos) and on the nearby Klis Fortress (the city of Meereen itself) in Central Dalmatia.

Let’s start with the Game of Thrones film sets in South Dalmatia:

1) DUBROVNIK Game of Thrones Filming Locations

When planning your holidays in Dubrovnik, don’t forget to visit Jesuit Staircase, St. Dominika Street, Ethnographic Museum Rupe, Ploče Gate, Rector’s Palace, Lovrijenac Fort, the famous Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town, Minčeta Tower, Bokar Fort, Pile Gate and Belvedere Hotel’s Atrium.

Yes, there are a lot of GOT filming locations in Dubrovnik! But, almost every film set is inside the walls of Dubrovnik Old Town, so it won’t be hard to find where your favorite film scenes from Game of Thrones took place in King’s Landing.

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